Legal Brief: What is the smoking ban? Can I still smoke on campus?

This November, the voters of Ohio approved a ban on smoking in public places and places of employment, codified in chapter 3794 of the Ohio Revised Code. For the purposes of the law that went into effect Thursday, Dec. 7, all university buildings at every campus fall into one of these categories and are subject to this new law.

Not only does the new law prohibit smoking in these buildings, but the law prohibits smoking in the areas adjacent or “near” to the entrances. The law also states that the university must take actions to ensure that smoke doesn’t enter the building through windows and entrances. To satisfy this requirement, university policy now states that a person wanting to smoke on campus must do so more than 20 feet away from any building and cannot smoke at outdoor events with seating (such as football games at Dix Stadium).

For more information on the smoking ban and guidance provided by the Ohio Department of Health, please visit

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