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Dr. Daniel Mahony (center) congratulates a group of Chinese scholars.

I accepted the position of Dean of the College and Graduate School of Education, Health and Human Services a little more than a year ago. During the interview, I learned a little about college’s award-winning Gerald H. Read Center for International and Intercultural Education and the level of international involvement in the college. I was very excited about what I had heard and, frankly, it was one of the reasons why I decided to come to Kent State University. In the last year, I have had an opportunity to learn more about the Read Center and the international activities in the college and am happy to say that I have not been disappointed.

We are involved in a broad variety of international programs which range from some more typical activities, such as study abroad for students and faculty presenting at international conferences, to those that are more unusual, which include hosting 16 International Leaders in Education Program Scholars in the spring and working with the College of the Bahamas to offer master’s-level programs in a variety of areas of education. We are even involved with some truly unique opportunities, such as our close relationship with Kent State Koleiji, a P-8 school in Istanbul, Turkey. The level of activity far exceeds what I have seen elsewhere and I believe we have the opportunity to build on what already exists and become recognized nationally and internationally as a great example of a truly global college.

In order to accomplish this goal, we plan to focus on increasing our international activities over the next few years. These plans include expanding many of the activities listed above, including study abroad opportunities and relationships with various educational institutions around the world, as well as taking on new initiatives like hosting the Confucius Institute. We also want to make sure that all of our students have exposure to international issues in their respective fields and we will focus on internationalizing our curriculum. Our ultimate goal is for our graduates to bring a global understanding to their jobs and work with people from different cultures.


Daniel Mahony

Dean, College and Graduate School of Education, Health and Human Services

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