Police Services Introduces Violence Prevention Reporting Line and Web Site

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In the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, safety forces at colleges across America started to reevaluate their safety procedures and look for ways to provide better communication between the community and the police. Kent State University Police Services has recently updated its own safety procedures by establishing a violence prevention ThreatLine and Web site.

The ThreatLine provides additional means to communicate information about threats of violence on campus; however, it does not replace 911 in the case of an immediate emergency and it is not meant to be a replacement for filing an official report with the police.

The phone line and Web site are confidential, toll free and available any time of the day or night. Individuals with information about violence or threats of violence on campus are encouraged to contact Kent State Police Services at 330-672-SAFE (7233) or www.kent.edu/threatline. Each report is assigned a reference number so follow-up reports can be made. The ThreatLine and Web site are available to Kent State’s campuses.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Reports and Consortium for Higher Education Campus Crime Research, Kent State University has one of the safest campuses in the United States.

“Even though we have a very high safety rating, we continually look at ways to improve our systems,” says Dean Tondiglia, associate director of public safety. “Kent State is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for its students, faculty, staff and visitors, and the ThreatLine helps continue this commitment.”

Reportable activities include: threats of physical harm, harassment, information regarding weapons or drugs on campus or strange, suspicious or disruptive behavior on campus.

“Our hope is that members of the Kent State community will speak up and continue to help prevent violence on campus,” Tondiglia says.

More information about the ThreatLine can be found online.

Visit this link for more information about Kent State Police Services.

By Mary Jo Spletzer

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