Human Resources Question of the Week: What is ALICE training?

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ALICE is a crisis training program that stands for Alert, Lockdown, Information, Counter and Evacuation. As another form of safety preparedness, the Department of Public Safety, in partnership with the Division of Human Resources, has introduced the ALICE program to give participants insight and response options when encountering an active shooter.

Training sessions are 90 minutes long. Participants are asked to think about what they would do as the first responder in a crisis situation, and they are provided with a setting to proactively think about their options. Having this type of information can help save not only your life, but also the lives of others.

The ALICE program was created by two Texas law enforcement officers soon after the Columbine High School shootings occurred in Colorado. The training has since been adopted by many educational law enforcement institutions in Ohio and throughout the United States.

Register online at Once there, look for the ALICE Training sessions. For more information, contact Dan Fitzpatrick, associate director, Department of Public Safety, at 330-672-3070 or Renee Romine, training and development associate, Human Resources, at 330-672-2100.

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