The Faculty and Staff Campaign: A Tradition of Philanthropy and Community

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Julie Senita
The university’s annual Faculty and Staff Campaign begins this month and continues through May, providing all university members with the opportunity to expand upon the time and talents they contribute on the job through private financial support.

“Our tradition of giving has built a strong foundation for student scholarships, endowed professorships, new programs and research,” says Tiffany Schultz, associate director of annual giving. “We are a generous community, and we support one another.”

Regardless of the nature of their work at Kent State, faculty and staff members impact the lives of students every day. And more than 2,000 have made a private philanthropic contribution to the university’s Centennial Campaign, giving what they can to create a lasting legacy for future generations of Kent State students.

Julie Senita, assistant professor of nursing at Kent State University at Ashtabula, has worked at the university for six years. As a passionate advocate for higher education, Julie gives through her time in the classroom and annual contributions to the new Robert S. Morrison Health and Science Building.

“There are two reasons I financially support the university. One is that it just makes sense to support the institution that provides me with the opportunity to work the job that I truly enjoy,” Senita explains. “The second reason is that Kent State Ashtabula is vital to the community in which I work and live.”
Having lived in Ashtabula for most of her life, Julie wants to keep her community strong and ensure that her family and future students have access to high-quality education that’s also affordable.

Professor Senita is a reminder that one individual can make a difference in the lives of many.

“The fact that I work at the university allowed me to truly see the need to give in a way that might not have been possible working elsewhere. Working here allows me to have my eyes wide open to what education can do for a person.”

In the coming weeks, the campaign will introduce more “faces of philanthropy” from the university community.

You can join nearly 2,000 of your fellow colleagues currently supporting Kent State University by making your gift today.

“The future holds much promise for continued growth and innovation, and the end result will be determined by the collective goodwill of our entire university community,” Schultz says. “ The pursuit of excellence begins with you!”

Click here to make your gift online, or visit the Faculty and Staff Campaign Web site to learn more about the campaign and other ways to give today! Taking advantage of payroll deduction or monthly installments makes it easy to give and accommodate your budget.

“Kent State faculty and staff have proven their generosity time and time again, but the needs of our students’ continue to grow,” Schultz says. “Every gift, regardless of the amount, makes a difference.”

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