Throw 'n Go Before You Go for the Summer

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Bins stand ready for donations
Bins set up in the hallways of the residence halls are beginning to fill up with items won’t make the trip home as students leave for the summer. Clothing, food and even furniture are all placed in taped off sections to be donated to local community members who can put those items to good use.

“It’s amazing what the students throw out,” Candy Pollard, program manager of the Portage County Clothing Center, says. “If it’s not brand new, it looks brand new. It’s good stuff.”

Last year, students donated 93,000 pounds of useable discards to the community. The goal for this year is set at 100,000 pounds.

Brendan Desetti of Kent Interhall Council thinks that goal is more than achievable.

“It can absolutely be accomplished,” Desetti says. “The residence halls are nearly at capacity, and things definitely accumulate over the year. I’m sure a lot of people feel better giving items they won’t take home to charity than throwing them in a trash can.”

“The largest things donated include carpets, and that’s a popular item for the clients at the clothing center,” Pollard says. “There are so many people really in need of large throw rugs. What people don’t realize is that some of them are going home to concrete floors.”

Pollard says she is working on improving the program even more by putting bins in more halls and putting a tote at Rosie’s.

“Students can spend the leftover money from their food plans and donate it by buying food for people a lot less fortunate than them,” Pollard says.

Pollard said she’d love to see more household items donated, such as dish drainers and cooking equipment.

“We’re always helping people who are moving out of homeless shelters that need basic necessities to stock a new kitchen,” she says.

“Everyone wins in Throw ‘N Go,” Desetti comments. “It’s just helpful and beneficial for everyone involved. It feels good to help out.”

By Robert Checkal

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