Student Creates On-Campus Sustainability Group

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This fall, junior sustainability studies major Karch Marhofer will introduce a new student group to Kent State University. The tentatively named Kent State University Sustainability Collective will give students an opportunity to learn more about sustainability practices and help the university, as well as the city of Kent become “greener.”

Students will now have the opportunity to promote sustainability on campus due to the new student group.
Marhofer’s interest in environmental efforts began in Mansfield, when he became involved in smaller projects such as trash pick-ups and recycling programs. It wasn’t until last fall that Marhofer realized he was more interested in the political science side of sustainability.

Through exploring the campus and talking to different faculty members, Marhofer realized that there was a need for a student-based group focused on sustainability.

“It seemed like there were many students like myself who have an interest in sustainable issues, but do not know exactly how they can apply themselves, or that there's even potential for applying it towards their careers,” he says.

Though the group won’t meet for the first time until this fall, Marhofer has already begun thinking of specific projects for the organization. With ideas like documentary viewings of powerful films such as The Cove and The 11th Hour, and hosting sustainability how-to seminars, students will have a variety of ways to help build a sustainable environment.

Marhofer says he believes that the organization faces a campus that overall lacks awareness of the concept of sustainability, and countering that issue with a variety of programming is something the group should be able to accomplish in its infancy.

University Sustainability Manager Melanie Knowles says she is excited about the creation of the student group.

“I think it will be an excellent way to spread the word about sustainability and the successes students have had so far, as well as show how sustainability benefits people and the environment,” she says.

The concept of sustainability is important to Marhofer, and he feels it should be viewed as important by Kent State students as well.

“I believe that the society our generation inherits will challenge us with issues like climate change and oil shortages,” he says. “It is absolutely imperative that Kent State has some sort of venue for young students to prepare themselves for coping with a society that looks very different from the old one.”

By Katie Young

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