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A draft version of the new look of e-Inside
Kent State University’s primary internal communications tool, e-Inside, will be sporting a new look for the new academic year! After extensive research, the e-Inside team has used the feedback provided by both readers and nonreaders to craft a fresh new version of this old favorite campus news source.

An online survey of faculty and staff members was conducted in January 2010 to assess the way the university community perceives and uses e-Inside. The online survey was completed by more than 1,200 readers and nonreaders of e-Inside. A cross-section of university employees completed the survey, including faculty members and classified and unclassified staff. All campuses were well represented.

Readership statistics were also recorded for e-Inside using Google Analytics.

Both Google Analytics and the survey revealed similar results: e-Inside readers enjoy reading news briefs, the new and familiar faces feature and the event listing. Strong readership numbers were also posted when e-Inside featured lead stories that provided information that pertained directly to how employees conduct their jobs, major university initiatives or employment news. For example, articles on the website redesign, benefits open enrollment and the President’s Award for Excellence posted strong readership numbers.

E-Inside readers also expressed a clear preference for more images in e-Inside, as well as multimedia features, such as videos.

The survey research also showed that e-Inside readers wanted to read more news about all of Kent State’s eight campuses.

Readers and nonreaders alike indicated they did not like clicking multiple times to reach the information they sought.

As a result, Information Services and the University Communications and Marketing Web Team collaborated on building a new e-Inside tool in the university’s content management system, CommonSpot, and will change the Monday morning e-mail presentation so that the new issue will be more “clickable” from the e-mail.

In addition, the new format will provide more images right on the page, including a screen capture of the e-Inside video of the week, mirroring the image that is found on, and is refreshed each week.

Also more visible will be news briefs and events, sections the research demonstrated readers find most useful. Main feature stories with news the university community can use, as well as fresh content about new programs, faculty accomplishments and student success stories will continue to be displayed prominently. Regional Campus news will also have increased visibility in the new format.

Another sentiment clearly expressed by survey respondents was the desire to see the Message Board feature return. The new format of e-Inside will accommodate this. The return of the online classified feature will debut with the new design, and new classified posts will be ready in early September.
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